Ben Wolf’s new single, «Ultraviolet» is an Invitation to do what you Love

« Find what you love and don’t let anyone take it away from you », Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds of summer lead singer and guitarist) once said.

Ben Wolf is a talented songwriter/musician/singer, born in London but raised in Belgium. Good musical background already, isn’t it?

Who knew he wasn’t meant to be an artist at first sight ? Indeed, he dropped out of Medical School a few months back, to follow his dream to be in the music industry.

For our greatest delight, he’s released his debut single « Ultraviolet ».

The name was not a random choice and here’s why. Ultraviolet X-rays are essential to our lives, because advisely, they give us vitamin D.

He sings « I feel but they can’t see it this real and I know I’m needeed », a reference to Ultraviolet.

But be careful, if you use too much of them, it can provokes cancers. No worries though, the single of Ben Wolf is lighter than what we just told you.

After all, he did study Medical Sciences and no one said you cannot bring two of your passions together, even if becoming a doctor was not what he dreamt about.

« Like a bee in fly for freedom », in his own words, which means that med school was prison to him so he ran away from it to live his one true love story with music.

Ben Wolf always had the feeling he was different from the others, and it’s true that a medical student who become a musician is quite rare and unusual.

This song, is also really important, because except from confessing us how he felt during an important part of his life, Ben Wolf also put the light on a very actual subject, environment.

He talks about bees a lot, and we know that they are disappearing even if they are extremely useful to our own survival. He wants people to be aware of it.

He is the perfect exemple of fulfilling your dreams, even if they don’t match your relatives’ expectations.

If you mix all we wrote before, plus the electronic instrumental, with the rythm which is as fast as a flying bee sometimes, and Ben Wolf’s calm and chilling voice, which made us remind of Alec Benjamin’s one, we have a strong debut single and we sure can’t wait to listen to more of his work.

Don’t you?

Camille Laval

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