Tilde’s new single «Don’t Walk Down that road» is an ode to life

« You have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one », Confucius said once.

The singer we’re going to introduce to you in this article knows exactly the deal when it comes to enjoying life the best you can. She then can perfecty relate to that quote from Confucius.

We’re speaking about Tilde.

She’s a British-Swedish singer from Gothenburg (Sweden), and just so you know, she is pretty big there.

If you wonder the link between Tilde is the meaning behind these statements on living your life for you never know what could happen, you will know that Tilde suffered from a chronic illness at the age of 22.This illness had her stop doing music.

When she finally recovered, she moved to South America, where she changed her style of music to Jazz. She took the time she needeed to clear her soul. Then she came back stronger than ever to her hometown.

That’s where she started doing music again, and released her debut album, Nothing gold can stay, with Spinroad-Studio owner, producer Pedro Ferreira and some old friends of hers, because we always do our best work when surrounded by people that love us, don’t we ?

Tilde’s new single «Don’t Walk Down that road» is an ode to life 1

Tilde is now preparing herself to reveal her second album, expected to early 2021. Regarding the single we’ve heard, we can assure you that we all really can wait.

First, her voice is reminding us of Belgian singer, Selah Sue, and also of the one and only, Amy Winehouse. She has that sensual and deep tone that gives you the need to listen and to watch her singing.

Which is a pretty good thing, in light of the mind-blowing video that comes along the single.

« Don’t Walk Down That Road » music video has a dark but so attractive atmosphere.

The singer is wearing different outfits, including a red dress, which stands as the color of love. This gives an illustration to what she’s singing, because the song is about a toxic love, where her lover is leaving her alone most of the time. She’s into a bad relationship, increased by the fact in the video, she’s lonely the whole time.

« But this hurtful love stays the same, nothing won’t change ». Tilde knows deep down she has to leave this man, because everything will always remain the same. He’s no good for her, but it’s hard to accept.

« Dead or alive, he caught her in time, but he will never know the reasons why », is a reference to Tilde’s personal life and her chronic illness she suffered from. She lived dark times and she didn’t know if whe was going to get through all of this alive. She is indirectly saying to her lover that he’s a lucky man because he could have never meet her, and we don’t think the man realized his luck.

Tilde also said in the song « But you’re still hoping if not this life, maybe the next ». You have only one life, so don’t waste it with people who don’t appreciate your worth. Say what you want to say, do what you want to do. Surround yourself with persons that lift you up, who make you feel loved and special. That is well pictured in the video with her wearing white, the color of hope, and the lighter parts where she’s driving into a peaceful countryside.

Lessons learned from Tilde’s story today:

  • One, listen to the single because you won’t regret it.
  • Two, if you’re with a person that does not treat you right, leave them.
  • Three, you never know what will happen in the future, this year has proved us that pretty well, so, in one word, LIVE.
Tilde’s new single «Don’t Walk Down that road» is an ode to life 2

Camille Laval

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