Mental Health Month: Check on your friends with Amalie Bryde’s new song “Aloe To Your Vera”

I cannot heal you
Only self-compassion can
I’ll help with the direction

October is the Mental Health Month. Many artists use music as a means to speak about this topic. London-based singer/songwriter/producer Amalie Bryde did it recently by releasing “Aloe To Your Vera” (ft. edbl, out October 8th).

This new track is about reaching out to those who are struggling with the effects of trauma. The song is written from a relatable point of view. A lot of us already saw friends or members of our family dealing with anxiety or depression. “Aloe To Your Vera” is about staying by their side no matter what, knowing you can’t do much but support them to help them heal: “When you’re alone it itches / It turns deep and needing stitches”. Amalie wants to listen and be there for them.

Remind them they’re not alone

“Aloe To Your Vera” is a metaphor. Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties. It also stands for protection and beauty, and that’s what this song is about. “Aloe To Your Vera” creates a smoothing sound to appease the soul for a few minutes.

Amalie’s voice also wraps up around the chorus like a cocoon. Her tone is comforting and understanding. This protective envelope is a reminder that no one is alone, despite what they think: “I’ll be the aloe to your vera / Love, let me soothe the pain / I’ll be the aloe to your vera / And kiss when it hurts”. Sometimes, you only need someone else to tell you it’s okay to take time to recover.

Empathize with others

Earlier this year, Sounds So Beautiful already had the pleasure to present you Amalie’s work. “Lay Down” was all about learning how to say no to others. Amalie Bryde empowered herself by manifesting her desires and her will. “Aloe To Your Vera” proves taking back control over your own life doesn’t mean you don’t empathize with others.  

Amalie Bryde Mélanie Domergue

It’s the second time Danish artist Amalie Bryde and producer edbl collab on a project. They first met on Instagram. He loved Amalie’s freestyle over one of his video posts and used the sample in the track “Inside – Interlude” on “edbl beats, vol.2”. Mental health is a recurrent subject in Amalie Bryde’s writing. “Aloe To Your Vera” carries an important message for those who need to hear it and their loved ones.

Mélanie Domergue

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