Stelle Amor – Music And The Art Of Capturing Energy (Interview)

All the glam, all that jazz, this is a certified new jam to groove on, gladly, smoothly.

Stelle Amor is back on track for a whole new experience right into her Soul-alternative universe.

“Spike’s Groove” is her second single from Stelle Amor’s upcoming debut EP, following up “Get Right“,released last November.  

Her EP will be available on May 19th 2017. 

“Spike’s Groove is a masterpiece, blend of Jazz and Soul, as romantic and suggestive as can be.

The video shows images dancing back and forth, with clips put in reverse.

Like pinpointed in the last review, groove is all about movement and progression, and the visual for Spike’s Groove clearly pictures this idea.

The play of shades and hues is really suggestive, and  creates all kind of subconscious reactions

The change of colors stimulates the eye and makes it addictive to watch again and again

Overwhelmed by the groove in the sound. This is an experience that gets almost all your senses involved.

To go even deeper in the analysis of this piece of work, piece of art, we had the chance to chat with Stelle Amor, aka the Soulful Siren, all fresh and in the flesh, herself.



SSB: I did my best to picture your message in your video for Get Right. Yet, can you speak yourself of the direction for this clip and what this song means to you?

Stelle Amor: Marcus beautiful to talk to you and I hope you’re enjoying France!

You did an amazing job with your first interview and capturing the message of “Get Right” – it is about universal love and acceptance.

I picked a laundromat for its diversity and metaphor of getting things clean.  I want people to know that anyone and everyone deserves love and we can all be united no matter where we are!  It’s not the location, it’s the intention;

I want everyone to see the power of that and come together.

SSB: Now tell us about the creative process for Spikes Groove’s video.

spike's groove.jpg

Stelle Amor: We wanted to do something completely different for the “Spike’s Groove” video, I pushed for a more abstract style. 

I wanted this to be trippy and vibey, and really capture the nonsensical feel of the song; not necessarily the story.

I always had a strong vision for ballerinas dancing among stars, and the intimate close up shots of the eyes, and my video team Rift Media really helped me piece it all together.

To me the song “Spike’s Groove” always had a  strong blue hue when I pictured it, until the epic bridge then the vibe turned red.

As a pastime painter I thought it would be beautiful to focus on the mix of these colors through the song– switching and flowing from blue, purple and red.

Love is like a chemical reaction between souls and neither person will ever be the same after mixing energies like that, just like paint we mix with other souls to create new hues constantly changing.

SSB: Colors seem omnipresent in your artistry. We either see you all in red, black or blue. It’s always one pure and unique shade or color. How do those colors inspire you in your music?

Stelle Amor: To me music it is all a vibe, capturing energy in beautiful waves. 

Colors help reflect vibes and emotions and can be very important when putting together a message or portraying a feeling. I see them as a tool to help paint my story.

SSB: Love is another thing omnipresent in your music. Romantic love (Spikes Groove) Universal/Common love (Get Right). When one pushes Love that much that’s usually to cover the hatred, the hurt and dirt of the past… and then you mention your song Problem Child in an interview.
What kind of dark and shades does your stellar musical universe cover and how do you deal with it?

Stelle Amor: I’m glad you asked this question.

Balance is everything in life, to know the light you must understand the dark.

We all have shadows, it’s how you deal with your shadows that shape your life. 

One of the reasons I preach and talk about love so much is not only to spread the message to everyone else, but to remind myself.
I grew up in the bible belt – classic “Middle America” where Walmart was the dominant culture and you had to really hunt to find anything else.

With not a lot to do and the rise of available opiates, drugs became a serious part of  the suburban culture in which I was raised.  I was lucky to not get too far down the rabbit hole.

I’ve had a few peeks inside but my dreams kept me on track; I wish I could say that about the loved ones I’ve lost. 

The song Problem Child” off the upcoming EP really hits all this on the head.

I want people to know they aren’t alone, millions of Americans suffer from addiction of all kinds and all of us have felt its impact.  Although things like this aren’t easy to talk about they are a serious issue that we can’t ignore.  I hope to use the lessons I’ve learned and pain I’ve endured to speak for those who need to hear it for even I need a constant reminder.

SSB: Nashville is the world known home for songwriters. How do you grow as a musician there, build your career and make a difference in such a thriving environment?

Stelle AmorIt took me a few years to really settle into Nashville.

I spent the first two just writing as many songs as possible with as many people as possible, building a community.

It took writing hundreds of songs to really develop my sound. 

I would say practice patience, there are so many amazing artists and there is room for all to have success, it just takes time.

It’s hard when you’re in the thick of it, comparing yourself to “the best in the world” that surrounds you.  But I think the key is to only compare to yourself and how you’ve grown.

SSB: Thanks to the few live videos we can see, we can appreciate your presence on the stage. How would you describe your stage game, or rather your live performances?  

Stelle AmorThe stage is one of my favorite places.

For me it’s like meditation, a time to leave my body and be one with the energy around me.

I try to do my best to be as centered as possible before a show so I can give it all, no holding back.  I let the music move me and the audience guide me – at the end of the day they really make the show.

SSB: You’ve got fans loving your music, and your music does sound amazing. However, as an artist, have you personally reached the point of satisfaction in your art?

Stelle AmorSatisfaction is a fickle thing.  I am very proud of the evolution of my music and where it has reached; however part of the pain of being an artist is always seeing more.

Stelle Amor Spikes Groove

SSB: By the way, why do you call yourself a (Soulful) Siren?

Stelle Amor: My love for alliteration is what caused me to tie the two words together, but their meanings also match my vibe perfectly.

Soul is my root, my sound and my positive light.

Siren covers the sensual darkness that echoes in my songs and performances.

I think it captures the balance of what I am: a little bit of it all.

SSB: Finally, how are you preparing your shows for the release of your EP on May 20th?

Stelle AmorThe EP is actually going to be released on Friday, May 19th — but we are planing a huge party/show to celebrate on May 20th at Exit/IN!

I figured why not make a weekend out of it, you only release your first record once!!

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