STEPH Shares Lessons From Toxic Relationship, with singles «TRUST» and «Be Yours»

« The way we love is so unique, and when we touch I’m shivering, and no one has to get it, just you and me. »

This extract from the song Bad Things by Camila Cabello and MGK is the perfect introduction to the artist of the day: STEPH (Stephanie Skogberg), from Malmo (Sweden). Originally a dancer, she switched for music in 2017. A very turn of events for us, as her voice and talent are truly a delight to our ears. She moved to London to take her musical career on the next level.

She released two songs, TRUST and Be Yours, but we are expecting more music to come out later this year and in 2021 hopefully.

Her first single TRUST, produced by Harrison First, has an R&B sound we appreciate, just as much as we love her deep and relaxing voice, which reminds us of Bea Miller’s one.

TRUST is about a relationship which is slowly falling apart.

The woman loves her boyfriend so much, because everytime he leaves her, « it’s like a piece of me is gone ». She doesn’t know what she would do without him, even though she’s ignoring the facts : he’s not often here for her (« will you be here at the end of the day »), and he made her lot sense of who she was before (« I’m scared to lose myself again »). Deep down, she knows he’s not right enough for her, her relatives even tell her so, « but as long as I got you, I don’t care what they say ». She loves him and wants to be with him, it’s all that matters.

Not the healthiest relationship we witnessed, right? We saw this before, it’s described in a lot of songs, such as the one we mentionned at the beginning, Bad Things. Both of them are tearing each other apart, but they still have love for the other one and even though he’s destroying her, she stays with him.

The aesthetic of the video is really pretty, don’t you agree? Plus it”s meaningful. The music video highlights what STEPH is singing. It has a dark light, to linked with the bad sights of the relationship she’s in. The color red is omnipresent, which embodies the love and anger she’s feeling towards him, but also the danger he stills is for her.

Also, the title of the song is clever and well chosen, because in this relationship, we can feel a lack of trust between the two protagonists, just like in her second single we’re going to talk about. Meticulous, she really thinks of everything, how amazing is that!

Her second single, Be Yours, may be have a slow instrumental, which reminds us of the one of Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran, but it is about a heavy subject too.

STEPH truly wants to be with the person she’s referring too. She is making all the efforts and tries hard to save their relationship, but the second person is not as involved as she is. She begs him to trust her so it could works and they can be together. She acknowledges their relation needs to be saved, but as she’s making all the work by herself, it’s not working. But, despite that, she still wants to be with him at the end of the day.

What we could remember from these songs, it’s that you have to listen to your heart, because it always knows what’s best for you, before you mind does.

We wish her all the success she is certainly going to have thanks to her talent, and we sure can wait for more songs from her, don’t you?

Camille Laval

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