Family and love shine bright in Pip Millett’s second EP, «Lost In June »

Today I caught you laughing, Ava
It sounded so fantastic, Ava
Don’t you ever stop your smiling, Ava
But don’t apologise for crying

« Ava », by Pip Millett

Family first! Here’s how we could describe Pip Millett’s second EP, « Lost In June ». The Manchester/London-based-artist already released it earlier this year (on Friday, April 10th), but the vinyl version went out on Friday, September 4th, including the bonus track « Stupid People ».

This edition features 8 tracks (+ « Stupid People »), where Pip Millett humbly shares how much she cares for her loved ones. Her personality shines with the way she treats others. This EP is also a way to express how love can be overwhelming and scary when you’re only 22 years old.

Not so many instruments go along her voice. The bass compliments the singer’s tone, whom reminds us sometimes of Amy Winehouse’s vulnerability. Neo-soul is the main musical genre, but R&B vibes embellish some songs.

This song is the one opening the EP.

« Lost In June » is first of all dedicated to Pip Millett’s family. Her mother (Jude Millett) is the one openingand closing the EP with a few sentences: « Your, your dad was my first real boyfriend » (« Deeper Dark ») / « You’re a bit like, you and Ella are like Dad in that way, that you’ll, you’ll go your own way » (« Dad’s Traits »).

Her mother is the common thread of the EP: we hear her again in the fourth track, « Mum’s Interlude ». She’s giving her daughter some advices on life.

« [June] is written about my strong, positive and brilliant Nan, June, who in recent years developed Alzheimer’s. We’re a very close family and I grew up with her living next door. This song is just a snippet from an ongoing journey, giving some insight into the struggle on both sides », explains Pip Millett.

Her words or her opinion are important to Pip’s eyes, she needs her approval or her wisdom to keep up with life, even when it comes to love: « Heavenly mother, can you forgive him For what he’s done? » (« Heavenly mother »).

« Stupid People » is the bonus track of this EP.

« Lost In June » can be seen as a tribute to all the important women in her life: her Nan, her mother, and a dear friend of hers, Ava, whom she will always support. And they say friends are the family you chose.

Furthermore, this EP is a declaration of love to herself: « There’s not many people with a smile like this one. You’d think I’d won a prize for these big eyes, And those dimples on my cheeks, And my back just above my ass I like it like that, I like, like, like me like this, I like, like, like me like that, I’m liking my ass ». Pip Millett accepts who she is, inside and out. She will have her own experiences and make her own mistakes.

Her mother knows it too, because she calls her « stubborn », like her father, but that’s good. She’ll learn from it and trace her own path.

Pip Millett is one of the new faces of the UK soul and R&B music scene. Her first EP, « So Well », went out in 2019. Since then, she released a few singles. She even performed her debut single « Make Me Cry » on COLORS, a YouTube channel where all the new artists present an exclusive performance.

Mélanie Domergue

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