Immerse yourself into Nelson Dialect’s « Opal Mind »

Meditation time help me penetrate the mind” Action Bronson

Still the most influential culture, hip-hop never ceases to grow and gather people from different corners, to be a part of that culture is a dream for many people all across the world.

Nelson Dialect is among those who pursue that dream. His hip-hop journey got him moving from his native Australia to New York City, where he was able to link-up with Bronx label Red Apples 45.

Immerse yourself into Nelson Dialect’s « Opal Mind » 1
MC, DJ and Poet Nelson Dialect

One of the founding members of Red Apples 45 is DITC’s legend A.G. Learning form his mentors and connected to hip hop’s birthplace, Nelson Dialect grew in stature.

Slowly but surely, he managed to develop a sound that’s reminescent of the 90’s golden era while discussing the topics of his time.

That sound and his skills enhanced his journey and got him on tour, he performed in Germany, Switzerland and in France, where he met Lyon-based producer NuTone. Together they decided to collaborate on an album called « Opal Mind ».

Immerse yourself into Nelson Dialect’s « Opal Mind » 2
NuTone & Nelson Dialect

To promote the project, Nelson Dialect offered a visual to the track « Fangs » featuring Long Island’s MC S.I.T.H. With their respective style, Dialect and S.I.T.H trade off bars on a eclectic beat with a quintessential New York swagger. Overall, the dynamic of « Fangs » gives a great hint of « Opal Mind »’s direction.

The elusive album title is a reference to the precious gems from Nelson’s home country. With his distinctive voice and « old soul tone », he takes us on an intensive journey through his mind.

The MC’s stream-of-consciousness gets touching on the aerial «See Me Now », a song in which he wishes that his aunt could see him fulfill his dreams. Those dreams have fueled a special drive in him and he doesn’t fail to mention it, notably on the very first song « Feel » where he raps : « Excuse me for being ambitious, I’m refusing to stand in another man’s vision ».

« Rhetoric of Five percenters on a rock record, perfect my mental till I’m turning back to the essence » Never Bet Against Me

The strentgh of « Opal Mind » lies in the association of Nelson Dialect’s fluid delivery and meditative thoughts with beats that possess a narrative of their own.

Sonically NuTone takes us through a myriad of sounds in which the dark alleys of Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange meet the meditativeness of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

Lethal on the drums, the french producer pushes an aesthetic that draws from jazz, boom-bap, funk and soul. One of the best example of that is « Oil and Sound », the penultimate song of the project in which Nelson’s flow bounces off NuTone’s plural instrumentation and singer Celia Tiab’s chorus.

This speaks to both Dialect and NuTone’s vision, instead of going for just plain loops they went for a super organic fusion of genres.

Indirectly, Nelson Dialect’s invitation will inspire you to go inside and find the jewels of your own mind, a gateway to a broaden-up self-esteem.

Immerse yourself into Nelson Dialect’s « Opal Mind » 3

Alfred Dilou

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