Chloé Bodur – Turning Inspirational Poems Into Smooth And Mellow Songs

Girl empowered, young woman in power

Locked inside a box, though pretty big enough to be the boss

Only Lord knows the insecurities she used to feel and the fears she used to feed

Rising and shinging anew, in full bloom

Youth shall eventually awaken with self-love, self-expression, self-awareness.

Langourous guitar licks combined with a smooth play of the keys, along a downtempo drum beat, give quite a beautiful instrumental rendition of self-appreciation.

Chloé Bodur doesn’t write songs, she writes poems. Letting words flow like a flood, she blooms like a flower despite the flaws.

Singer/songwriter from North West London, she fuses elements of neo-soul, jazz and pop.

Her debut single, Glory, released November 26th, 2017 is an open letter about vulnerability, self-esteem and the effect of loneliness, addressed to young women. The piece highlights indeed the inner fights of a self-conscious 19 year old girl, struggling to find love within herself.

Bodur reveals, “It was originally written as a poem about youth trying to find love in themselves and in others and how one correlates with the other”.

Bodur prides herself on the empowerment of young women, hoping to inspire teens from mixed heritage backgrounds and continues to use her music to support female expression and liberation.

Once again, the instrumentation serves pretty well the message of her poem. Everything sounds so smooth and soothing. The progression on the drums sets up quite a frenetic groove along the tune, still remaining chill.

The echo of ethereal back vocal harmonies imply a feeling of lightness and freedom. These voicings get mesmerizing, leading to a new awakening.

Rhythm is everything in this track. The mellow beginning which is slowly evolving upon a jazzy syncopated groove, into something intense and in raptures. Finally the piece ends as it begins, with a deep downtempo and langourous licks on the guitar.

Through such chilled and delighting music, Chloé Bodur conveys a sensation of great mental ease and relief.

She shared a playlist which showcases the influences of her songwriting. The likes of Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote, known for their overwhelming sounds and mind-blowing compositions, appear as well as Noname, who’s often more identified as a poet than a rapper.

This playlist, titled GODDESS is the reflection of her musical DNA, and highlights her artistic mission toward the young teenager she wish to empower.

Raised in a mixed heritage family, whilst immersed in vibrant London, Bodur credits her multi-cultural upbringing for her array of musical influences.

Idolising the likes of Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra, as well as gaining inspiration from artist’s such as Quincey Jones, D’angelo and Frank Ocean, it is to no wonder that Bodur’s music effortlessly draws listeners into her own unique world and modern fusion.

Bodur made the move from London to Brighton, where she continued to study music at university and ultimately met her band members. After playing her very first gig, Bodur was picked up by QM Records for the release her of debut single Glory and has since been mastering her polished and dynamic sound.

Produced by UK Top 10 charting producer JD.Reid (Mabel, Katy B, Sinead Harnett, D Double E) and mastered at the famed Abbey Road Studios by Alex Gordon (The Kooks, Raye, Sigrid, Circa Waves), the single has already received the stamp of approval from industry professionals.

Marcus Gon

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