Ray Hodge – Awake The King In You

What does a King do?

He sits down, head lifted up,

Breathes in, breathes out,

Sings with a smile as wide as the hand he’s stretching out

Towards the blessed kingdom both his eyes keep staring,

Acknowledging his freedom and History.


Ray Hodge acts like a king, like a real NEGUS: “Black emperor, King, Ruler.”

This rising king is from Jamaica, Queens, and like the Lion roars in the jungle, he sings his royalty.

The track, powerful highlight of Ray Hodge’s vocal performance, sounds like the birth of somebody awakening the king or queen in himself.

This kind of awakening is the perfect introduction to his upcoming EP, Braveheart, out October 28th.

Being brave also means fighting in your life, and Ray’s project aims at awakening the Warrior in you too.

His Voodoo  song for instance has a sound a bit more aggressive in the instrumentation contrasting with the soft and light voice of the singer.

As has confided Ray Hodge about the song, the whole point of this songwriting is e following:

“What I want the song to those who are listening, do not let the negativity of your surroundings make, break or create your day. Especially when it starts to make it hard to do anything, like breathe. Just let them bad spirits go.” 

Marcus Gon

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