MA R I AM – A Conversation Heart To Heart



A conversation heart to heart:

Trade of expectations, share of vulnerabilities,

Addictive or distant

Back and forth to plenitude and emptiness

Black or white, love is just another shade of grey.

There’s a lot to be said in a conversation Heart To Heart, but the statement to remember shall be ‘Be There For Me’.

‘Be There For Me’ is Mariam‘s debut single.

The track is going crescendo, with a minimalist instrumentation at the beginning quite trustworthy of the tired feelings expressed in Miriam’s lyrics, with an insisting keyboard rhythmic.

This rhythmic adds the Pop in Mariam’s Soul and makes sure her feelings are catchy enough for you to listen and remember.

The chorus, a scream, a shout, an anthem, a love theme… is the main point of this conversation Heart To Heart.

This November 4th, Mariam is releasing her EP Heart To Heart, and even though Be There For Me is a nice teaser, this is nothing compared to what’s coming.

Since 2011 she’s been quite active as a singer-songwriter, performing from open mic nights to underground scenes,

And joining the ‘London Community Gospel Choir’ (who has supported artist such as Tom Jones, Sam Smith and more)

She also started working on original material with local artists (including British artist Samm Henshaw).

Here’s another example of her original work:


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