Caleborate – A Jamming Spam – Young and Talented Black Rapper

Man don’t work – Man don’t eat.

Caleborate: This young boy is rapping so serious and working so hard

He can testify how sweet success tastes; flavors that get you higher.

This young boy is one funny opportunistic artist

Definitely hit  YouTube’s community on a full album video of Chance The Rapper.

It seems that that one rapper, who rapped ‘The Juice’

Made every looking-good rapper feel thirsty for the sweet Juice of achievement too.

Among all those MC’s dying of thirst, running for the contest of success That 20 year-old

Young, talented and Black Kid That Raps knew how to make the difference by giving 5 reasons to give him a chance to lend him at least one ear:

1.Im a 20 year old rapper, student and graphic designer
2.Im going to an Art University studying to be news broadcaster, but music is my main dream.
3.I work on campus at my school as well as off campus assisting an eat ramen for dinner, i really work hard AND chase my dream at the same time!
4.I have two albums out now and i’m working on another album all on my own dollar!
5.I REALLY hate spamming, but its all I got. Give me a (“THUMBS UP”) so others can notice me. THANK YOU! 🙂

Once clicked on it, hooked at once.

Chilling vibes beating the instrumental married to a lyrical flow,

He hits you back with a a song so-called ‘Happy Birthday‘ played on Jay-Z ‘Thank You’ instrumental

As if his birthday would be a reason to and as if he was grateful to get 1 minute of you.

Yet it was worth it: yes, a young poet talented like another Mos Def poet

Got a ‘Spam’ that makes you jam (musically).

Everyone: Caleborate (That.Black.That.Raps.). Get his album here.

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