Stella And The Shakes – When An Opera Singer Blossoms Into A Blues Singer

This is the discovery blues and soul of the week.

Looking for thriving place in London

In search of a gig to enjoy with someone or alone

You may be satisfied by the following chic and catchy chick:

Stella. Fond of gospel flavors, blues and jazz vibes, rock’n’roll energy and initially opera singer at the Royal Northern College of Music

She and her band seem to deliver an harmonious and stunning package.

Original package that comes to surprisingly jazz your ears and so your delight,

In this end of Springtime, Stella & The Shakes compose that musical vivid-colored-flower

Blossoming with a blowing blues, pressure-releasing,

Perfect to free your mind for the coming summertime.

By the way, you sure don’t wanna miss the chance to listen to her hit song “Pressure” from her EP so-called “Blossom”.

May she help you shake your hips on an absolute catchy instrumental worked with rigor.

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