Jay Z and Beyonce – Hollywood’s Other Side of The Game

“I’m not a businessman, I am a business, man; let me handle my business, damn.”

The first days on top of the Game, it feels like success never smelt so sweet,

The satisfaction of a dedicated work awarded of a well deserved merit;

Until the last days never felt so bitter,

Everybody watches and wants the throne, and, moved by an insane hunger,

Of its king and queen, wish to get rid, one day or another, sooner or later.

Some call it the other side of the game. Matter fact, this is Hollywood’s game.

Hollywood: the more goes the fame, the more the risk of shame

The first eager steps feed a sane and ambitious aim,

Yet they could quickly lead to a bad, wild and animal state of mind.

First steps also able to end up to a loss of ambition and gain of depression.

Then you figure out that “you may win some but you just lost ones”.

Some call it again the other side of the game. 

Some may still remain on the run, living the second part of the fame

In a kind of infamous addiction to the game.

But hey, why love the game when you can just love the play:

And, Jay & Bey, in spite of all the media seeking the single flaw in their image and privacy

Manage to play the game of the the communication holding everyone

Still talking but unable to do none but watch an image still sharp

Despite their flows of imperfection and the struggle of hard competition in Hollywood…

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