Maricelle – Pursuit Of Happiness

For one is not born only to die an leave but to live and rise,

Once this one just knows why he’s been put on this earth

It then feels like a complete rebirth;

Blessed, another chance to find happiness.

Happiness, Maricelle, indie Pop Rnb singer-songwriter with experimental electronic elements and light vocals, has been pursuing it.

That’s the main theme of her debut EP, ‘Pursuit’, coming up January 7th 2017.

Her music is composed with questions such as the meaning of life and how to be happy on your own.

Maricelle focuses on specific themes in her EP: the perspective, the awakening, the ambition and the passion.

Lately, she’s been writing about how the passion (for something or someone, love or friendship) can get you through ups and downs, leading you back and forth, leaving crazy and dizzy, even feeling kind of drunk.

That’s how her debut single LoveDrunk was born, an ethereal and dreamy track, with mesmerizing vocals, supported by a cool and slow tempo, suggesting a moment of daydreaming, followed by a moment of disillusion, along the keyboard playing.

he light electronic elements really bring a chill atmosphere, mixing good vibes with sad mood.

In her Pursuit of happiness, LoveDrunk, standing for her red Passion, follows the chronology of her life walk-through.

As she explains:

“I meant for the parts to be a chronology of movements towards my pursuit of happiness,

As a personal experience of the current journey I am making pursuing music full-time.

The perspective is about understanding ourselves and our situations better to be grateful,

The awakening is about realizations and epiphanies that allow our minds to grow.

The ambition is about being ambitious and going for what you want or believe in, standing for something.

The toxicity is understanding what is bad in your life and eradicating it.

Lastly, the passion is ‘Lovedrunk’, about finding love in something or someone, in people, friends, a hobby, or even loving yourself.

“It takes over, and I’m losing control”, here, “Lovedrunk” explores the feeling of being drunk with love and feeling fully that emotion. All relationships have ups and downs, be it romantic love, platonic love between two friends, or even your relationship with a passion or a hobby.

Finding something worth suffering for was important to me, because everything has ups and downs, so why not find something/someone worth loving?

It’s also about going all out and not being afraid to try at something you really want to.”

Maricelle is influenced by artists such as Ellie Goulding, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift, Fka Twigs and Coldplay

And she made nice covers in the past too:

Marcus Gon

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