Medsound & Maria Estrella – They Won’t Kill Your Vibe

As they go by, in the air melodies fly

Wild and out go the lights (#LightGoOut)

The reflect of their life in the Sea (#SeaOfLife)

Waiting for the kiss of the Sun while dreaming of the Moon (#DreamingOfYou).

Getting the vibe right, no matter what, is all you need (#EverythingYouNeed)

That’s why they won’t kill your vibe, they’ll Keep It Alive.

Keep It Alive is the new experience brought to you by Barcelona nu-disco producer Medsound.

This 5-track collection is a must-listen and available on Beatport for purchase.

Medsound collaborated with Maria Estrella Aggabao, songwriter known for her hypnotic vocals and fusion of musical expressions.

The ethereal beat is as mesmerizing as the vocals, and spread feels all over your mind.

Almost one year ago we discovered this songwriter, with a universe influenced by Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan.

Today she’s back with this 5 track project, fused with 80s down-tempo, deep house and disco: the chilling recipe.


This is the fruit of a beautiful project gathering musicians from all over the world, as explains the producer Medsound:

“New York and Barcelona are the cities we call home. Places where musical inspiration wonders through the air and eventually reaches out to those who listen.

We pride ourselves to have discovered and pushed a great number of talented musicians from all over the world.

One of these artists is label resident all-star Medsound who returns to NYLO with the thrilling Maria Estrella for their second collaboration.”


Marcus Gon

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