Givers & Takers -A Moment For Contemplation

There’s beauty in slow motion

Appreciation in contemplation.

On a great green field, filled with seeds,

A flower might take time to grow,

Under the shades of birds flying fast and high in the sky,

But when it finally blooms with colorful petals, you’ll be smiling at its smell,

Just like the four members of the band Givers & Takers, who “find the sexy in the stillness”.

They’ve released a new single, delicate invitation to chill out along a slower flow of life.

Once again, genius is their songwriting, with its progressive phases and moods.

The sticks drums and different rhythms give a sharp rendition of the time going faster and  wilder,

Then going slower, so slow, it almost feels like going anti-clockwise,

While the calm of the lead vocals, either louder, either lower, suggest to Take Your Time.

The funkadelic groove of the bass, with the psychedelic melodies of the guitar create a mesmerizing atmosphere,

Daydreaming over the sound of the keyboard in the background with the back vocals.

A great track to start the morning…


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