Kyra – Explosion of Emotions

Bass, guitar, percussions and a cheerful voice:

Groove is in the air and some funk is going down

Truly feeling what joy, delight, lightness and mind-free mean

S.M.I.L.E. will be the ultimate note upon your your face to sound out loud.

Vibrating like a bass or a guitar’s strings to the nice vibe that the emotion provides,

Either overwhelming with sorrow making a singer blow up his or her Blues (Music)

Either getting high in a move of happiness, letting a singer express his or her Soul (Music).

Kyra with her explosive curly hair  happens to let all these emotions pop in the air

Creating a big bang of colourful vocals.

Kept warmed by such sincere interpretations of the sang lyrics,

Wholy enjoying what Kyra shares with her listeners, feeling the vividness of her state of mind

Enough to draw a communicative smile or sympathetic tears.

Watching her perform in live will never get you too close to feel her love and passion:

With that being said, you may get close enough, hearing the lyrics from her brand new song, Bandage

With a songwriting based on tragic and touching true story

Made to share positivism and comfort to anyone:

Sure hope you’ll feel that “Good-Good-Love’, while diving into her soundcloud.

ell oh vee eeh



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