Stella And The Shakes: A Memorable Moment To Sing

Like a calm and light soul going by the cool air that the wind soulfully blows

In the ears of a singer who once was charmed by Opera, Blues, Soul, Rock’n’Roll and Gospel,

Five melodious little birds who found home in Stella’s creativity and inspiration.

Sometimes a sixth one called Reggae, or ‘Bob Marley Classic” drops in off too;

Her voice installs a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

When she sings, the guitar strings vibrating to her vocals, you can imagine one of these five birds taking off the nest

Flying away, in the break of dawn, in the air breaking free: Stella And The Shakes just free your mind

They just blow your mind. Trusting Stella’s word, the mission of Stella And The Shakes’ music is to set up as a mind-blower

And to bring something new to people’s mentality:

“I want my music to make people think, to challenge peoples ideas, to be seminal” – Stella.

If that isn’t about an introduction to a wonderful world.

Through her passion, emotion and imaginative interpretations, Stella and her band manage to share their universe and touch their listeners.

Talking about emotion, their latest record, a Labrinth’s cover, best illustrates the lot of emotions Stella contains in her voice and delivers in this following clip.

One cover quite loyal to the original:

Once again, enjoy Stella And The Shakes.

By the way, their latest video reminding of a hot performance and reviving lots of souvenirs, shaking one’s blown mind, just came out:

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Marcus Gon

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