Cilla Raie EP: Priscilla’s Achievement

“One day at a time, Sun gon’ shine” [Kendrick Lamar – ‘i’ (Love Myself)]

And, on November 7th, Sun did rise on Pricilla, whose EP must have been the highlight of her whole week.

Indeed, this is kind of an achievement, or a first milestone that the 20-year-old songstress Priscilla Raie Masala has reached.

We were lately talking about a flower blooming, and today here we are addict to the smell of this five-petaled flower.

Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Tinashe, or the unique and too-marvelous-for-words Jhene Aiko are some of the main seeds of her inspiration.

And, from her mind and inspiration, the following tracks are what she offers us to smell and breathe:

No Love:

No contest the lead track, and one of the most catchy is a great ingredient in this EP composition.

Its instrumentation  expresses  the sorrow and melancholic state of mind in the keyboard that could  translate a need of love,

And introduces the atmosphere of the song, mixing a hint of frustrated emotions interpreted in a guitar,loyal to the voice expressing her blues

As for the beats of the drums, they hit as hard a broken heart feeling,; you can feel the helplessness in the vocals in the chorus.

The global rhythm created with these drums is what make this songs so catchy and memorable, just like a nostalgic feeling.

By far a good example of what Rhythm & Blues is supposed to be like.

Catch Me If You Can:

This is a second door to Priscilla Raie’s universe: seductive, tempting and sexy vocals in the verses added to a hypnotic chorus

Reaching the mind with a one-of kind catchy beat making one want to bounce and lose oneself on the dancefloor.


‘This is slowing down, as it is about to go down!’

One of the best tracks in this debut EP. This track may reflect the core of Cilla’s universe, diving in the singer’s heart-felt confessions.

A track describing a blissful look of love to directly oppose to to No Love, frustrated feeling of lack of love.

Singing this third song, the smell of love in the air… However, listening to the lyrics, it seems that this flowing love sounds uni-directional,

As the lyrics consist in a personal monologue where the songwriter conceives and visualizes her ‘perfect’ love by herself;

A story-telling could be imagined since there, and from a great songwriting:

Completely transformed by the one she cherishes getting addict and being closer obviously a must;

The (broken-hearted) bad girl who used to go and hypnotize seduce and tempt, ends to be the one who gets hypnotized.

It’d be amazing if they were actually just the both of them, but we can just imagine the contrary, and visualize the singer lonely,

With an instrumentation that inspires a quiet loneliness.

But in her eyes what she sees can just be what she gets, provided that love does not get her blind before.

As long as ignorance is bliss, love in her eyes won’t be a miss.


In the logic of this story-telling, it seems that the blissful ignorance ends, followed up by a hurtful feeling of rejection and disillusion.

A supposed dialogue confirmed to be a monologue, noisy when lonely, due to the echoes

Resonant in the empty place where there is no space and time.

This story-telling and these emotions are all inspired by the honesty in Cilla Raie’s voice, singing to an authentic interpretation,

The chorus, another catchy one, translating endless emotions, with a crazy beat.

What Goes Around Comes Around:

Ending with a title that is a classic in the RnB Music Industry,

Ending the story-telling, with much less nostalgia, or sorrow in it, tears dried and feeling higher on a better day.

No blind anymore, no naive anymore, the voice here is the voice of somebody who’s decided to love herself first.

Much more than such a firm voice, the keyboard, that once translated the lonely sadness crying to the moonlight,

Now only translates a rising soul, shining bright just like the brightest sunlight:

A five-petaled flower has bloomed, and its colours are making a big boom in the eyes of he who has a look.

That was what did inspire that terrific debut EP. Hopefully this is a loyal description of this EP, late music discovery from London.

Congratulations to Priscilla Raie Masala for her honest and heart-felt Cilla Raie EP.

Her EP is available on ITunes right here

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