Jay Prince – Setting Music Up On A Mellow Pedestal

Never been a prince this fresh, never been a musician this cool.

Going back to a one-of-kind Hip-Hop musician, and getting low in his mellow flow

That takes you higher in the comfort of his jazzing soulful vibes

Revives to the mind nice memories to cherish and share.

His unique music style allows this young artist and producer from East London to be broadcasted

On the greatest media such as popular radio like Annie Mac which played his sweet track ‘Sumerbreeze‘ letting taste the blissful delight of the songstress Emmavie’s light voic; and other media such as BBC Radio 1.

Jay Prince does well deserve a golden crown of creativity shining from his mind to his listeners’, rapping with a rapid flow

Delivering one well-written and well-spoken storytelling in his lyrics, and creating a melodious moment of poetry,

Upon a mix of jazz, soul and hip-hop, the perfect recipe for a relaxed and inspired mind and spirit.

A type of atmosphere to experiment on his 3 self-released project, Lounge In Paris, Voyage,and Mellow Vation,  that you can get here

This is a particularly good memorable moment, more precisely in live. Having his ‘throne’ in London and Paris to perform, taking appearently a lot of inspirations from France,and lately gigging  in Germany,

The Prince happens to provide cheerful feelings with his humor, friendly attitude and jazzy and soulful vibes on stage.

Having the honor to acknowledge his art and allegiance pledge to his talent at the Proud Camden, sharing again his music was a must:


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Marcus Gon

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