Sol – Bright Mind From South California (Interview)

The city is close enough for a kiss, and far enough to lust over…

I am not consumed by the culture, ideals, or stigma catalyzed by polluted air, yet I am inspired.

I see the magic and wonders of that world, I indulge in them, and I return to my cloud at the top of the hill. It almost feels like a dream.’ – Sol.

Sol, eclectic Pop artist, blooming young singer-songwriter of her time, enlightens the suburbs of South California with her brilliant Art, made of a suggestive poetry and an enchanting voice.

Her collaboration with producer Connor Irias creates a mesmerizing songwriting, with peace of mind as a side-effect.

Mystery, Sol’s debut single makes a listener want to dance with grace, and stay still and chill at the same time.

This song is an experience that implies the nicest vibes.

In an unique atmosphere, your eyes are invited to dive into the sky until you feel like flying,

Dreaming of a colorful world in your imagination.

To explore Sol’s world, we had the pleasure to ask her a few questions:



1) “The city is close enough for a kiss, and far enough to lust over, as you say”. You formulate things with a great sense of poetry. How long have you been writing and what made you love writing?

Ever since I could make sounds – I was composing melodies, and ever since I could talk – I was writing songs.

It was more subconscious at first. I would write all these songs when I was younger to deal with my feelings of loneliness and isolation.

These songs comforted me and understood me as my only friends.

At fourteen (14), I grasped a better understanding of what I was creating and began to write songs more intentionally. I went on to learn about songwriting as a profession at fifteen (15).

I love songwriting mostly for it’s incredible power to self express.

There are so many aspects of life that we cannot control, that we have to learn to coexist with.

In order to cope with this, I like to focus on the aspects of my life where I feel the most power in – self expression is one of them.

I feel the necessity to express myself in many different artistic forms, and writing has been extremely empowering and rewarding!

2) How do you challenge your creativity?

It is so important to me to surround myself with a strong community of other creative minds and hearts with varying ideas, opinions, mediums, and talents. I am constantly inspired and in awe of the art that my friends create.

We feel comfortable sharing our latest works with each other, and are always pushing our boundaries, encouraging the other to dive beyond the pools of our known creativity to discover new waters.

To expand my creative expression beyond music, I am always utilizing different outlets such as painting, poetry, film photography, embroidering, or styling outfits.

3) What has been the most beautiful feeling or moment you’ve captured and magnified with your music?

My music tends to sprout from a vision or a dream that I’ve had;

So the most beautiful moment in my process is when I can close my eyes and feel transported to the place I imagined at the birth of the idea, through the sonic waves of the song.

4) Tell us about your connection with Auralponic.

I met Connor (Auralponic), through another project he’s involved in: B00TY.

[Holy is the band’s latest piece, and let it be said that this one could be a masterpiece. They’ve pictured the feels that can make you weak and weep, but captured the remedy in their melody that can heal your Soul. No wonder why Connor from B00ty makes a wonderful combination with Sol for Mystery.]

I booked the band for Imagine Fest ( last year, and instantly connected with Connor.

I was so impressed and inspired by his musicianship and passion. He heard me sing and suggested a collaboration – the rest is history!

[‘The Auralponic aesthetic represents a deep appreciation for both advanced technology and organic elements. Thus, I love combining acoustic-sounding (yet huge) drums, jazzy chord progressions, paired with spacey synths, brainstem-massaging bass wubs, nature sounds and more…the music is effectively a re-telling of every sound that has touched me in this life.’ – confides Connor Irias.]

5) What was your creative process when you were working on Mystery?

Initially, I wrote the song to relieve myself from a deep existential crisis the night before my session with Auralponic.

In my head, it was this groovy, 80s Madonna-esque pop song – so I was surprised and excited when Connor produced a seductive, ethereal atmosphere to support my lyrics and vocals.

Once the song structure was set, we brought in Dylan Robin to complete the track with his tasty guitar riffs.

We’re so proud of the end result and honored to finally be able to share it with the world!

6) In order to deepen the inspiration and stimulate imagination, if Mystery already had a video, how would you picture it? How would you imagine the visual experience?

Video in the works… 😉

7) What can you tell about the cover art?

sol mystery debut single

When it was time to make the cover art, I consulted Dylan and Connor, who both wanted me to be in the picture.

I started dreaming up black & white images with themes of shadows and lust.

It was an intimate shoot with the people I trust most: Gabi Rudin, Jason Sharp, and Daniel Gootnick.

They all took their respective camera/lighting roles as they alternated playing with the shadow of their hand along the light of my back. Once we chose the image, we sent it to the consistently amazing: Travis Keaster, who added texture and dimension to the image.

After Connor and Dylan approved, it was ready to release!

8) What should be the next step after this single?

I’m looking forward to continuing the consecutive releases of a series of singles and videos and playing shows around L.A. while I record my debut full-length LP.

To keep up with my thoughts and adventures,

Follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @SolMusic_

And Facebook:

Thank you for this conversation!

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