Me For Queen – Moving Storyteller, Great Songwriter, And Soothing Melodies

“A place for everything 
And everything is in its place” – Me for Queen.
Happiness found into a better appreciation of time and of the journey.

This song is soothing and healing as can be. Me For Queen is bringing peace and delight for mind and heart along a moving songwriting, positive lyrics and a delightful voice. Mellow vibes she provides throughout her debut single, Loose End, which announces a brand new album coming up soon.

“It pretty much sums up my approach this last year where I’ve tried to carve out some space to let my mind noodle, removing as many demands on my time in order to see what that could make room for. Sometimes the not-knowing, the unscheduled, un-routined is where the good stuff lives.” – Me For Queen

This song, as well as the whole album, happens to be a therapy, to set your spirit at ease, let go, and help you feel as light as Mary Eskine’s voice.

This album is the product of me moving away from London for a spell to clear my head and see what’s left at the end! I’m immensely proud of these songs and of our little team that came together to create the album in the studio.” – Me For Queen

Classically train UK singer-songwriter, Me For Queen is a mind-bubbling storyteller, sharing her tales and her feels, filling the air with the mellowest melodies ever.

Summer 2018 sees the songwriter showcase her debut solo album “Loose End” and Mary was keen to expand on her previously piano-led sound, exploring a more varied sonic landscape with richer arrangements and instrumentation.

Many already recognize how brightly shines her talent. Rendition always full of emotion, she owns her sound with sensibility and suggestiveness.

Besides, her live game, last year also included sold-out shows at London’s Paper Dress Vintage and the Sound Lounge. She started 2018 with a Celtic Connections show supporting Chris Wood and is set to tour Germany in May, before a UK tour in September.


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