Marie Dahlstrøm – NINE EP Showcases Maturation Of An Artist Through The Years

Shape of the moon is fading as the clock is ticking

Until daylight finally hits her skin In The Morning

As peacefully she lays, colorful in bloom, Where The Flowers Grow.

Everything is everything and she’s over everything.

Before Then, in love, she’s been drinking and sleeping late,

Woke up blue, thinking and sinking into feels of Gloom.

At the end of the day, she won’t cry Anymore.

Maybe, One Day you’ll understand the smile of her face.

Marie Dahlstrøm is finally back, even better than she was the last time,  with her brand new EP titled Nine, out since October 27th 2017.

From her previous works, Feelings, Gloom, Renditions, Hans Island, 0.0to today’s EP, you can appreciate the evolution of Dahlstrøm.

We’ve already talked about her evolution from 2015 to 2016, but the release of this new project happens to be the actual maturation of her sound.

Her second single off of this last work is Where The Flowers Grow, and our singer-composer has bloomed indeed.

Back in 2011 she started with a stripped-down and acoustic configuration. Then, the more she could handle producing the more she could find a way innovate for the mellowest tunes, keeping it all somewhat pared down.

Light vocals, heavy with emotions, pure harmonies and soothing chords on the keyboard with jazzy vibes on the guitar… recipe for therapeutic harmonies.

The simpler, the purer, the better.

Tracks like In The Morning, with the ongoing metronome, is the best illustration. Keys and slight fills of drums with soft back vocals are here to bring suggestion and renditions to the lyrics. Yet the metronome itself makes the song, as it pictures the idea of endless time and sense of gloom. Timing is everything.

Marie’s great sense of rhythm and silences allows her to emphasize her emotions.

That way, tracks like Better Than U happen to be as heartfelt as impacting.

In a way we get back to what we used to know with the Gloom EP, back in 2013.

This past EP, as grey as a cloud, has been one of her masterpieces, and the Nine EP is an even better version, with more colors.

After a roller-coaster of emotions, Marie might have felt on a cloud nine.

nine ep

Marcus Gon

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