Mad World – Gary Jules

« Mad World »;
when the cover, interpreted by Gary Jules overpasses the original from the Tears for Fears.

The autors of the song and masterpiece, “Mad World”.
« This is a man’s world! » – James Brown.
« What a wonderful world » – Louis Armstrong.
 » We live in a beautiful world ! » – Coldplay.
…The only one song on my mind, can’t lie, is called : “Mad World”
Dropped in the early 80’s, the time of the new musical waves

The two members of that Briton band Tears for Fears from Bath
Who are the origins of this work, know their very first success.
Song “Mad World” goes hard in UK first, to go then and travel all around
The world.
Twenty years later, that song ain’t got old, not at all !
Gary Jules sang it in 2001, and those who’ve seen the great movie 

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