Riding With An Ethiopian Princess: Marian Mereba

This is the new single of her upcoming LP, available here.

An Ethiopian songstress as good-looking and bewitching as the Queen of Sheba

Upon hypnotic African rhythms and piano keys leading to the door of a musical universe

Ruled by the great Music Heroes from Philadelphia, The Roots and Jill Scott, great influences flowing in Marian Mereba‘s mind and inspiration.

In Atlanta, Georgia, her womanhood and her art have been the two wings that made her fly to what she is now.

Her style is a one-of-kind, mystically mixing in a quite creative instrumentation her Soul with her Folk, bouncing to Hip-Hop.

Among all her various influences, such as Amy Winehouse, Sade and Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan influences guided her fingers on her guitar.

Talking about her guitar, her very first Youtube video was an original song inviting you to ride with her voice meeting the guitar’s vibrating strings.

Preferring writing to singing covers, she made storytelling her own art. 

Writing is her shelter, this is the walls of her room she lives in, and she leaves her released  EP from this room

Titled ‘Room For A Living‘, one claimed EP, that gained her fanbase in the US. Even Jaden Smith fell amazed by ‘Go To London’

One soulful and mesmerizing hit, telling the story of “when you have to leave your present to have a better future”,

Hardships in the ship of reality whipped by the wild waves of an ideal that you dream to fulfill one day or one another.

But all gets soften with her ‘Magic Words’ soulfully played with the guitar and with a voice light and sweet like honey.


Her honest lyrics, and soulful  interpretation create a moment, an emotion, a feeling of blissful inspiration.

The stories in her songs relate to her life experiences, and relate at the same time to the audience:

When her first notes ring, the music connection occurs.

Until her upcoming LP, whose debut single is to marvelous for words ‘September’, dig in her cool and creative EP

And save a ‘Room For Living”!


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