Dot Demo Perpetuates Bronx Hip-Hop Legacy with his new « Hiatus » EP

« Will God Forgive Me, Probably Not I Do His Deeds In My Dirt » Dot Demo

On a glorious day of 1973 on 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, Bronx, Hip-Hop was born. Throughout the years, Hip-Hop’s birthplace has been thoroughly represented by many greats, from KRS-ONE to BIG Pun.

However, since the late Fred The Godson, the Bronx, much like New York City as a whole, is looking for a new sound, a new movement, a new promise to champion.

Rapper Dot Demo has displayed the type of skills that could propel him as the next legend from the BX borough. An MC at the core, Dot Demo manifests the essence of an NYC marked by the teachings of the Five percenters while still being in tune with the stakes of his generation.

Somehow through his natural gift, Dot Demo reconciles our time with the 90’s.

« Sun dance with the moon, Learn that from the stars, Get down with the groove like, Barely know who we are, No kings in the tomb, Just a gate, where the god at ? » Roberto Clemente

Dot Demo came into the spotlight in 2016, as he received rave reviews for his album Outer Body Experience. At the time, NYC saw the emergence of Pro Era and of the Asap Mob. In that context, Dot Demo created his own label (ULTRA NOSTRA) and showcased, as an artist, his singular style – catapulted by his deep voice and dazzling delivery – epitomized by single « Roberto Clemente ».

Since O.B.E, Dot kept growing, getting better and better, he reached a new plateau with 2019’s albums Delirium and My Brother’s Keeper. However, nothing could compare with the heights attained by the wordsmith last year, when he came out with the powerful Burn One, Tap In, Zone Out, a blazing 10-track album pushed by undeniable bangers such as « Got It », « Odyssey 2020 », « Stretch » and the flawless « God Forgives ».

Album after album, Dot Demo has seen his cult following growing, his fans are now urging to see the masses recognize his talent so they can see him shine on a higher plateau.

Charismatic, relentless and inspired, Dot Demo has shown for years that he was resourceful enough to keep going. However, last month the MC from Soundview, took us by surprise by releasing a project named Hiatus.

The particularity of Hiatus lends in its format. In concision, Dot Demo leaves no room for a time out. Thus, Hiatus offers nothing but strong moments and stresses how good its author can perform in different pockets.

« Still Tryin To Count My Blessings, Still Tryin To Find My Entrance » Tears In The Dark

Straight away, Dot Demo sets the tone of the project, leaving no ambiguity on what inspired it. Profound themes such as hardships and spiritual warfare transpire in the MC’s writing, his brillant lyricism is not only driven by clever wordplay, it is also nourished by his vision, his thoughts and emotions shared in a raw and yet creative way.

« Summer Came, Went Away, Winter Stayed, Feelings Fade, Niggas Change, I’m Exhausted » Summer Days , Winter Ways

On several occasions, Dot Demo echoes the desire of getting away, ether from the world’s madness or from frantic circumstances. If the MC flexes his lyrcial chops on « Take Sh*t Easy » or « Ascension+Paraphernalia », he takes an emotional turn on the Miles Ramones and Faith Lee-assisted « Only us ». In this melancholic tune, Dot Demo unveils a new layer of his artistry and gives a hint on what might be ahead for him.

« Dreams Of Livin In The Spotlight It’s Alright But What I Need Is Me Time, Little Time Away » Only Us 

Baring his soul, revealing his doubts and wounds, Dot Demo puts a somber final note with the last track named after the greek divinity of the underworld « Hades ». In the second part of the song you’ll recognize the air of « You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You » of the late great Notorious BIG. If for obvious reason the 97’s classic had an eerie sense of conclusion, Dot Demo in his version, appears relaxed, boastful, ready to go take what’s his. As he rightfully puts it « The wait is over ».

Alfred Dilou

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