Laura Jean Anderson – Tales Of A Young, Wise & Righteous Girl

Acclaimed singer/songwriter on the come-up, born in Olympia, Washington and now residing in Los Angeles,

Laura Jean Anderson’s craft is astonishing, tasting Soul and Rock’n’Roll flavors.

Listening to her voice feels like reading the pages of a well-written novel describing a helpless yet hopeful character.

Laura Jean Anderson is that kind of character whose description can be so vivid, that pictures of her Soul filled with shades of grey, might haunt your mind.

Righteous Girl‘, the main track of the EP, is to this date the most spiritual, heavy, honest and meaningful track ever listened in 2016,

Interpreted by a young lady filled with the spirit of wisdom, who evokes the ghosts of Janis Joplin and modern influences of Lucius, St. Vincent and Alabama Shakes in her music:

“I feel like these songs reflect that feeling you get when you get one glimmer of hope, of sunshine in the midst of a deep depression. I would go on long walks barefoot with my guitar in the neighborhoods of LA–I felt super out of place doing that but for some reason, it put things into perspective,” Anderson says wistful.

This song is the closest rendition of years of traveling, busking, hitchhiking, touring and old time religion.

The EP ‘Righteous Girl’ coming out on March 4, 2016, is produced by Anderson and Theo Karon and recorded mostly at Kingsize Soundlabs in Eagle Rock. (Karon has recently worked with Mavis Staples, Angel Olsen, Foxygen, and Pillars & Tongues).

Laura Jean Anderson– vocals/guitar, Marcus Buser– bass, Julian Beutel– hyper trumpet/synth, Sam Skloff– drums, Matt Blitzer– guitar.


(The EP) directly reflects things I have experienced and feel,” Laura Jean Anderson reflects.

“Freedom and honesty is so important but I feel like too many things are written where the writer doesn’t REALLY mean them.

I mean everything I write, and If I can’t look at myself in the mirror and speak those words, I will scrap the lyric.”

She doesn’t even have to explain that the EP is about hardship, hearbreaks and religion, you just feel it, really.



Take Me In‘has been the very first track to introduce Laura’s listeners into her world, or, considering the honesty of her music, into her life.

The drums beat and the melodies give here a tone more cheerful, at least less heavy,

Flying light, looking for a few else.

One big influence in her artistry is her background as church singing and roots music education contradicting the grunge and punk elements of growing up in liberal Washington.

You can hear this in her music, soulful vocals and well crafted story lines with elements of chaotic rock n’ roll and garage rock at its best.

Besides, ‘Righteous Girl’, is the result of an initiatory journey,

Along two years crediting her time at Calarts:

That was wild art school experiences, meeting amazing people, and being a barefoot hippie in the mountains writing songs, she recalls.

Talking about hardship, the one that led her to live of her music happened to be

A stint in the mountain town of Huaraz, Peru where, with all her money stolen,

She spent hours a day busking in the plaza until she made enough money to get a ticket home.

“It was then and there that I realized I was put on this earth to make music,” Anderson says.

Alone in Peru, I was able to make it out just through music . . . I knew I had to come back to the States and pursue music full-heartedly.”

So here you are Righteous Girl EP, coming out on March 4th, 2016.



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