Tatarius – The Recipe For Chill Music – Scandinavian Soul Music Series

As the such anticipated annual event Scandinavian Soul Music Awards is coming up this year 2016

We’re setting forth to navigate right to the North and testify how much Nordic musicians are worth a listen.

Today, the waters surrounding the Northern earths led us to this fresh and cool duo, Tatarius.

This duo consists in two friends, two former students, two musicians, two performers:

Axel Toreg Reite and Sindre Gjærum Hansen.

Axel and Singre both fell in addiction to the taste of Jazzy and Soulful flavors in music.

And when it comes to Hip-Hop, some Funk is going down right after.

Axel, after years of performing as a bass player, discovered a second passion in music production and electronic instruments.

As for Sindre, early RnB lover, and eager for motown and hip-hop genres, he first began to write his own soul music when he studied at the university. In 2013 he participated as a contestant in the Norwegian version of “The Voice” where he reached the semi-finals with Tommy Tee as his mentor.

Them gathering in Oslo in 2014 for the project ‘Tatarius’ assures the match of two skilled buddies.

Among their several inspirations, the first to come in mind is D’Angelo, which is quite noticeable with last track titled ‘Minute of Clarity’:

Their music is a mixture of melodic, expressive vocal with deep lyrics, dirty hip hop grooves and phat bass lines in a playful, electronic production. The result is their own personal brand of electronic RnB.

Scandinavia is that Promise Land, where artists as brilliant as gems are yet to be found and where Soul finds a shelter to warm the hearts of people,

From Norway, such as Tatarius, and also from Denmark, with artists such as Marie Dahlstrøm (who won 3 Scandinavian Awards back in 2013), and Anya (who won Scnadinavian Soul Best Single in 2015),

Without forgetting Iceland and Finland with artists such as Straktobeam and Beverly Girl.

More emerging artists as good are on the come up this year 2016,

So stay woke!

Tatarius - The Recipe For Chill Music - Scandinavian Soul Music Series 1

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