Inspirational Women Who Sound So Beautiful

In order to celebrate this March 8th, The International Women’s Day, how about highlighting a few women we’ve discovered on Sounds So Beautiful, and who spread a music and a message either inspirational, either empowering, or just delighting to listen.

Today let’s point out 10 women with such a positive mind, such a strength, and who know about music, big time.

1) Savannah Dumetz


Savannah lets ‘These Walls‘ talk, and sets up a conversation about something we’re all dealing with:

Insecurity, vulnerability, vices, dirt… all these things we tend to lock in a dark room 

Surrounded by unsteady walls of interior pink, easy to crumble under the crush of demolition.

Instead of accepting to drown in the negativity of a confuse mind

She strives to highlight the power of vulnerability and the necessity of breaking stereotypes to practice self-love

Which leads to spread the word of an empowering message of positivity.


2) Eryn Allen Kane

eryn allen kane aviary act 1

Eryn Allen Kane, on the other hand, stands for anyone captive in a hopeless world,

Naked and vulnerable as new-born baby at the mercy of a bloody, cruel and sad world.

But, keeping her head up, she looks up for new perspectives, aspiring to better prospects

Waiting for freedom, for when it comes, nothing will stop the wings of an early bird ready to fly high in the sky.


3) Annie Bonsignore


The self-titled track ‘Shades of Red’ may be the most mind-blowing, involving in a deep and troubling introspection.

The light but persisting vocals makes you rewind all kind emotions and souvenirs: you’re literally loosing yourself in your own thoughts,

Like mentally drowning or forever falling down. To what Annie adds:
“I have come to realize that we create so much with our thoughts and actions and reactions.
I am tapping into some divinely inspired music now, based on love, hope and presence.
I want to help people with my music, to inspire them to feel, to poke at the deepest part of one’s soul.
That’s what it’s all about, feeling and experience.” 


4) Charity.


Through this Yellow EP, Charity delivers a beautiful moment of clarity.

She describes all along her soulful singalongs the actual meaning of “vulnerability”, either about a person, either about love, or about her home town Detroit,

While defining the true meaning of “healing”, digging the healing power of good music.


5) Safrah


Along this amazing song, ‘Beautiful Mind‘, Safrah Levitan, Pop, Jazz, Blues singer, sings the particular traumatizing pain of child abuse,

Encouraging  victims to start the healing process through creative expression.

This is an outstanding dramatization of  this issue, that badly hits the innocent face of a candid child,

Made to believe he’s not worth a single thing. The bit of self-love slips and trips over the cold floor.

This song puts a spell on everybody feeling like a fragile caterpillar, yet soon to be a beautiful butterfly,

With colors as beautiful as his mind, and a beautiful mind make a body fly.

Creativity is the keyword, and Safrah playing on her keyboard, teaches you how to turn your dirt into gold.


6) Shan Smile


With her light voice twice as nice as her smile, shining over a honest songwriting, Shan Smile blesses you with a great acoustic experience.

Plus, what’s the most enjoyable with her, is her positive mind: she’ll always tend to spread the words for you to find your joy and keep the faith.

When you know this person is all about hope, smile, faith, hard work, and music, you’re just glad to connect to her universe.


7) JJ Soulx

jj soulx music

Someone wise, inspirational, and as spiritual as creative, is actually a blessing.

And JJ Soulx has been this jazzing blessing.

‘Back To The Basics’, is a song that might be one of her most important ones.

The green of the grass,inspiring a great calm and peace of mind

The tree she’s sitting on, reminding of that Tree of Wisdom we sometimes seek as a shelter

The width of the landscape to reflect peace of an open mind

The smooth dances and the West African vibes, getting us back to the roots…

This track is all so poetic, and all so spiritual, blooming in your mind, like a new blossomy Springtime.


8) Laura Jean Anderson


Laura Jean Anderson’s craft is astonishing, tasting Soul and Rock’n’Roll flavors.

Listening to her voice feels like reading the pages of a well-written novel describing a helpless yet hopeful character.

Laura Jean Anderson is that kind of character whose description can be so vivid, that pictures of her Soul filled with shades of grey, might haunt your mind.

Righteous Girl‘, the main track of the EP, is to this date the most spiritual, heavy, honest and meaningful track ever listened in 2016.

This song is the closest rendition of years of traveling, busking, hitchhiking, touring and old time religion.


9) Samantha Johnson


Samantha Johnson is someone we’ve discovered exactly one year ago,  on March 8th 2015 – what a blessing.

She’s an authentic and inspirational person, and the values and state of mind that she shares through her voice

Are the kind of things that give you faith again in the good side of Humanity.


10) Sofija Knezevic


Sofija Knezevic, also known as Sofijazz, is a young diva, based in New York, enlightening the Jazz World

With a brilliant career behind her shining with the light of her awards such as the Marianne Mendt Jazz Award, or the Golden Siren award.

This creative young lady is also a committed artist. Indeed,  if love and romance are part of her universe, womanhood too.

She stands for Breast Cancer Awareness, and contributes to many charities through her concerts.



Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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