Ije Amaechi: Harmonious Synonymous For Positivism

London, despite a cloudy and cold place where traffic does not rhyme with ‘terrific’ quite often,

Is a city that breathes endlessly nice vibes from its bars, pubs and any venues,

Inviting its visitors to keep cool in a space warmed by nice bands and singers blazing the place.

They always leave nice memories that free your mind.

Amongst all good memories does stand this 18 year-old singer and songwriter who goes by the name of Ije (pronounced [EJ] by the way).

Lianne La Havas, is one of her top hearted-artist that influence her hairstyle, and her music.

Her main influences are tainted of folk, African and jazz music, always playing in acoustic.

Fallen for music since her young ages, always singing and looking for harmony with her guitar,music definitely makes her cypher complete.

Just like a colourful butterfly, the young songwriter flies from positive and deeply interesting thoughts to more ludicrous ones, as she says,

Transmitting her freshness by the shine of a smile in the streets, or by the vibrating sound of her voice in her songs.

Never hesitating to show some kindness, and to feel light as a bird flying away:


Ije Amaechi, harmonious synonymous for positivism, harmonious souvenir from London City.

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