Tess Henley – Coming Back, Stronger And Better



As she opens up her self-produced track with a playful, almost child like,  yet organic sound on the piano, Tess Henley reminds of the carefree little girl she used to be, at the time she learnt to play the piano with the Japanese Suzuki Method (a music education from childhood). She’s true to her very self.

Back from a 4 year hiatus, after the Wonderland EP, Tess Henley sings “Same Girl”, off of her upcoming EP titled “Better” in July 2019.

Quite like back in the time tracks, such as Who Are You, you can appreciate the Blues along the song, throughout the groove of the drums combined to the nonchalant guitar chords. The jazzy layers and the passionate back vocals offer a very soulful experience.

Tess Henley, previously reviewed on Sounds So Beautiful, is the only brain for such a smooth production. ‘Same Girl’ is a showcase of vocal and lyrical power making it a perfect treasure of lush harmonies and emotional storytelling.

Beginning her musical journey at the tender age of 3, Tess Henley was born to be an artist and visionary.

From overcoming decisions of whether to remain independent or to sign to large record labels, Henley has always remained true to herself and her art.




After winning an array of singing and songwriting competitions, Henley made her debut national TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and has since then released multiple projects that have ultimately crafted her sound.

Due out this end of June, her EP ‘Better’ serves as a personal collection of songs that mark a new chapter in her musical journey and stands as some of the most compelling music of her career.

With this, Henley continues to stay true to herself as a sensational artist in the making.



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