Nicky Davey – Slow Jam Time


Back with the LA Grammy nominated duo Nicky Davey,

Nick Green and Dave Rosser present their single ‘Oxygen‘, written  Syd Tha Kyd (from The Internet),  for their upcoming LP XXX.

One smooth and suggestive piece,

A slow jam as sensual as the hypnotic figure of the classy and stylish Tosha Eason,

Starring in this visual directed by Dan Stowel and Rich Yodsukar.

She’s definitely taking over, impersonating Nick, and emphasizing this way the sensuality and the feels in this track.

Nick adds ‘I wanted to be honest to myself and others about the way I felt. I feel like as songwriters we all write songs in some shape or form about our love interest/inspiration’.

Marcus Gon

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