Ruben Young – That’s How Feelings Flow

Time flies by like feelings
Freely they flee on flows you can’t control


Ruben Young, R&B/pop songwriter from Calgary, Canada, has recently released a new single and video for Rachel Green, featuring Hodgy. Nominee for the 2018 WCMA for Urban Artist of the Year, is breaking through the urban music scene, ready to take it by storm.
Groovy and seductive, the young singer is setting the mood. The video, directed with irony, humor and total infatuation for Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in sitcom Friends, makes you crack a smile while the track is live.
Smooth background thanks to the keys, downtempo beat to emphasize the chill and the thrill, and a catchy delivery with rapper Hodgy.
About the story behing the making of the song, Ruben Young explains:

It’s no surprise that I’m still holding on to some deep rooted feelings for her, but it’s almost farfetched how naturally “Rachel Green” ft. Hodgy came together.

I was at a Xmas industry party where I not only met my soon-to-be manager, but also ran into one of my favorite rappers, Hodgy Beats from Odd Future. Hodge and I linked up a few weeks later for a writing session in Pasadena, but at the last minute, our producer bailed on us.

So instead, we kicked it for the day and just became good friends. A few months later back in Toronto, my manager connected me with the producer/songwriting duo, Kuya brothers. I met them at their studio where they worked with Alessia Cara on her first record.

A few minutes later, I was fully committed to writing about (you guessed it) Rachel. After the verses and hook came together I had a hunch that something was still missing. So I sent Hodgy a text without even knowing that he was in town. About an hour later, he was in the booth and the song was done.

“Rachel Green” is of those raw, genuine songs that just flew out effortlessly. There was nothing calculated or over thought about it.

It’s simple and raw – just like the feelings you can’t help but catch for someone who reminds you of your OG 90’s dreamgirl.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that ‘Friends’ fans go hard. Sure, we never ended up with Rachel, but maybe we’ll find out own version out there. But still, f*ck Ross.”

Find Ruben Young on Spotify in our playlist special Canada.

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