Jessica Rotter – The Vision Of An Artist And Its Cinematic Experience

‘Ideas are dancing like petals of Flowers In My Head‘:

The kind of statement an artist might quote, after long and lone nights

With many lost answers for as many found questions you can read in her eyes.

Questioning a world she’s been exploring with philosophy for her whole life,

Questioning the Stars, waiting for the rise and glow of the Winter Sun in her life,

To set the picture of an Aflame and burning sky, she would admire from the view of her Porch

Letting go a new song, a new harmony, plain creativity and inspiration Flying Off over the Plains painted with her imagination.

Love, Art, Vision and Self-realization shall never let her Hit The Ground again.

For Jessica Rotter, contemplation and dedication will allow her vision to find realization.

All her emotions, she shares through her lyrics and instrumentation,

The feels are so present and communicative, it touches and moves the listeners, and makes their eyes water.

This is up to leave you speechless, or just admiring and curious.

As stated the last time we’ve interviewed Jessica Rotter for her debut album,

“Plains is an 11 track record breathtakingly stunning and cinematic.” 

These past weeks, she’s been extending the experience of her album with a short film cut in six chapters explained down below.



Directed by Alexandra Palmer and Kelsey Alexander in Marfa, Texas,

The film is an experience and a rendition for Rotter’s debut album released on Earth Dy of last year (April 22nd).

This experience connects the audience with Nature but also Spirituality, in plus of ideas such as Love, Youth, Growth and Spiritual Guidance.

This is an incredible work of art, using images, sounds and dance in open spaces in Texas, real mind escape.

Choreography by the directors 
Editor/DP: Alex K. Palmer
Animation: Mackenna Millet
Color: Kinan Chabani 


Blind in front of a wonderful landscape, in Marfa, Texas, this is the beginning of a journey to the unknown, a journey for self-discovery for the main character, interpreted by Makenzie Murdock, who kind of looks like a younger Jessica Rotter.

Jessica Rotter being her spirit guide all along the dreamy journey, it feels like someone who reminisces her youthful days, filled up with emotions and uncertainty.

“Unsure of her direction, she flees what she knows and finds herself in a dream-like journey of self discovery.” Jessica Rotter

As a guide, it also feels she would  be able to whisper the right direction to her younger self, with a wiser and soothing voice.


The second chapter, the first dream-like vignette of her emotional journey, stands for young and naive ages, with animals as playful as children, representing the character’s innocence in love.

Sorrowful, the melancholic melodies opposed to the cheerful choreography suggest this innocence, jumping joyfully into unknown lights and colors, following the.catchy rhythm from the march of the percussion.

Our lead dancer, Makenzie Murdock has taken the emotions I felt writing this album and communicated them so beautifully in this series.” Jessica Rotter


“If I told you that a flower bloom in a dark room, would you trust me?” Kendrick Lamar

One of the most poetic sequence of the Plains film, as it stands for the beginning of self-discovery for the main character, reaching the state of full bloom, under the influence of love.

“Personally, this is my favorite of the three videos. I love the mood and the gorgeous emotional journey on which Makenzie Murdock and Wesley Ensminger take us.”  Jessica Rotter


This song is a result of contemplation and exploration for the artist, interpreted by the main character.

This visual paints the path cleared through soul searching, under “both artificial light and the internal guiding light that has been leading her through the videos thus far.”

Writing the song Stars was kind of an out of body experience.

I was going through a serious time of soul searching and I sat down at the piano and the song came out.

I have had quick songwriting experiences like that a few times before (Porch Song was another one) but this one was very special to me.

When I found out I was pregnant unexpectedly, this song played through my pregnancy and guided me in some pretty difficult times.

I have always felt like it was a gift. I am so thankful for those who helped with the music production and now, the music video production.


“Winter Sun is a continuation of the end of the Stars video and is a kaleidoscopic ascent out of the dream world in which our main character found herself.”


Chapter concluding on readjustment to life post self-realization.

This is the chapter that celebrates the wholeness, plenitude, freedom and spiritual enlightenment.

“Porch song has always been a song of peace for many people. It brings a lot of listeners to tears at a lot of concerts so the whole team knew this would be the perfect bookend to this story.”
Jessica Rotter.

Jessica Rotter, example for creativity is a must listen.

Stream her album on Spotify here

A great artist who’s multiplying major collaborations, as she sang for the original soundtrack of the Golden Globe award winning movie La La Land.

“I sang on the score and got to watch the production process because my dad was involved with casting most of the musicians. It was a magical movie to be part of!”



Photo Morgan Demeter

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