Emily Saunders: Jazz Never Sounded So Beautiful


From her cold nest she reminds of what’s best

In the heat of the morning, she’s singing about the rising sun

Like an early bird, Emily Saunders might get you delighted with the lightness of her voice

Swinging by the wind, on its jazzy rhythms, blazing and blessing the place.

Emily Saunders is a nice London discovery highlighting these golden treasures from Latino inheritance:

Warm rhythms, hot trumpets, subtle guitar, swift drums… the musical environment itself invites you to dance

And if you still feel too shy, the soulful voice of this vocalist and compose shall show your feet the way to step into your dancing shoes.

On March 17th 2015, her second album titled St James, included the track as imaginative as enjoyable ‘Outsiders Insiders’.

This track, making you travel without moving, creating this wonderful feeling of wanderlust, will be out on March 2nd 2015.


This is the follow up of her very first album, as much appreciated ‘Cotton Skies’

A nice discovery that brings soulful vibes… Enjoy Emily Saunders.

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