Anna Rodriguez: No Solo Jazz

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Acuestado por el suelo, suele soñar de ese sueño lo que desaperece cuando aparecen esos primeros rayos del sol,

Y eso se deja un otro sentimiento poético…This early morning poetry shall set you free through a few jazzy melodies.

Anna Rodriguez, Jazz singer from Spain contains enough poetry in her brain to express all the jazz from any pop song.

Proof is with this jazzy cover of Billie Jean’s King of Pop, or, with this ‘Shake It Off’ cover A Capella

Natural, authentic, she aims to set you free sharing her free music with anybody willing to.

The color of her musical style is mainly Jazz, but he do look closely, the hot waves of bossanova, boleros, blues and funk make her world even better.

This is the recipe of her new CD titled “No Solo Jazz”.

Just feel the poetry sacada de su corazon:

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