Khari Mateen: Independent Spirit from Philadelphia

Creative, experimental, imaginative, vivid, and indubitably  powerful black music

Speaking right to your Soul, smoothly blowing away your Blues and, swiftly swinging to some vibe that Funk your mind up.

Khari Mateen, complete artist, appears to your ears and lift your spirit to some new musical experiences highly enjoyable

From the mind and the work of an artist who’s dedicated his life to the music industry, and who goes beyond through his independent project

To even more personal, authentic and true music experience and art to make and share with us, hopefully having you to wake up with his music

At least just a little bit:

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His genius, what is more, has been recognized along his career, with his contribution to The Roots’ 2006 album “Game Theory (Grammy nominated)”

For which he collaborated for “Livin’ in a New World” and “Clock with No Hands”, co-producing them.

This multi-instrumentalist sure knows how to paint in you eyes the vivid colors that haunt his mind until he ends up blowing your mind

With the rhythms beating, beating, and beating it again, leaving you this enjoyable feeling of melody that your memory couldn’t get rid of:

To conclude, his latest project, as a proof of an independent and quite personal one, allowing the artist to produce and express anything he feels to,

Deals with a record reworked with his father Radji Mateen. The track is called “Thinking About You”,

And, it soulfully burns up all the Funk and all the jazzy energy, popping within this catchy Pop song:

A great independent artist, who’s got the same guts as another Independent Soul, whose name is the wonderful Tess Henley…


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