Kate Kelly – Nashville Artist Embracing Authenticity & Independence


The irony of the flowers and the bees
Flapping wings and stunning stings
Butterflies powder and blinding colors of love
Smell all like  illusory flavor in the air
For the sweetest may taste as bitter as ever right after

Under disenchantment, Nashville indie singer-songwriter Kate Kelly is writing self-healing lyrics off of her debut single, Honey, released August 3rd, 2018. This track announces the coming up of her album The Wonder of It All.

The song sounds like a break-up song when you hear it for the first time. However, these lyrics have a bigger reach, and mean something more related to her artistry. As Kelly reveals in an article on The MusicMermaid:I still use ‘Honey’ to remind myself to embrace my authenticity and independence, which is my biggest hope for listeners as well.”

“Ihe flowers and the bees” refer to a love affair or the naive dreams you might formulate,when you begin a music career, infatuated with songwriting.

Talking about songwriting, the groove of the drums sets the mood. Along the smoothest back vocal harmonies and delightful jazz chords on keyboard, Kelly’s voice rises gracefully and sincerely.

From this ongoing nonchalant vibe, the young lady is softly but firlmy asserting herself:

“But I know what you’re made of
And I’m not that naive
Honey, you and I both know
That you’re not fooling me”

For her listeners who’ve been following her since her first EP, this indicates a whole new type of musical experience.

She used to explore much more a Folk sound. As a Folk singer, she could highlight how high and light her voice can get. Her previous EP titled New Heartbeat was all about soothing vibes, rocking mellow melodies, and authentic self-expression.

From a pure voice, influenced by the likes of Norah Jones and Feist, she gave a faithful rendition of her emotions.

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