Oracle Blue – The Greatest Definition For Swank-Pop & Alt-Jazz Music


Blooming out of South Carolina, under the sun of Myrtle Beach, Oracle Blue rose like a rose in Winter 2017,
Growing like flowers of colors exhaling flavors of jazz and other delights.

Founed by students graduated from Coastal Carolina University for the most of them, this band fuses tastes of alternative jazz, psychedelic neo-soul, and define their music as Swank Pop.

While the likes of Dwele defines Swank by singing we don’t say swag no more, we say Swank“, lively and stunning lead vocalist and producer Liz Kelley-Tavernier explains:

we define “swank-pop” as being a bit more elevated and intellectual, while still striving to be relevant to the current musical culture.”

And indeed, all together live on stage, they’re creating a thrill and a vibe you can hardly forget. 

As a young band, they’ve already released an album titled Gilded Kingdoms, a record available on Spotify, that captures flavors of fusion jazz, and alternative neo-soul. If they use the wod ‘pop’ to define their music, this is only to emphasize on the fact that the audience still connect with their compositions, although they’re more researched. Their music remains accessible and fully enjoyable.

Wade McMillan, hybrid electro-soul connoisseur, amazes with the way he plays with every sound on his drums. Swift and precise on  the snares, he seems able to make and then break any rhythm pattern, all under a groove – proof with the intro for Erykah Badu’s Apple Tree (cover).

The keys, played by JP Taylor, add a psychedelic jazz tone to their music, while composer and trumpeter Zachery Douglas is literally breathing life into this.

Without forgetting Mckinley Devilbiss on the bass, Oracle Blue is a thriving group that grooves and knows a quick boom in their career.

Their debut album Gilded Kingdoms has been released on May 25th at the Waccamaw Getaway Festival, and came after a time owning their own sound. It now makes beautiful promises for the future.

During the group’s time as students they were awarded a DownBeat Student Music Award for an Outstanding Performance in the Blues/Pop/Rock Group category.

After performing at countless local events Oracle Blue recently flew  to Europ to tour and play at Montreux, Umbria and Vienne jazz festivals.

Their growth is quite stunning indeed: In February of 2018 the group was selected via competition to open for five-time GRAMMY Award winner Lalah Hathaway for her Honestly album release tour.




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