Gayle Skidmore – A Blast Of Creativity

Imagination is the greatest escape from dwelling emotions.

Gayle Skidmore’s latest album, initially supposed to be an EP, is titled The Golden West. This is the tale of her trip from California to Amsterdam.

Inspired from life experiences and expectations, The Golden West is the result of a blast of emotions and creativity all well put together.

The very first song Pale Ghost is an incredibly soothing opening. It feels like the sweetest whispers in your ear, it feels like a birds feather raining from the sky.

The score is a marvel, with overwhelming violin lines, and the ongoing piano notes.

As cinematic as poetic, Gayle manages to suggest a feeling of suspens, expectation throughout the instrumentation only. Her voice, all soft and light then makes it even more imaginative. Finally, it all reaches its climax with the unexpected whistling.



So many instruments are in this album, this makes it musically rich as can be, blending country/folk and classical music, with tastes for pop/rock music.

This allows Skidmore freedom and choice to create something that’d reflect best her inspirations, her thoughts and reality.

Talking about songwriting, you could say Skidmore is a born songwriter. Raised in the Writing upbringing, she’s been writing songs since the age of 8.

Music has been what she daily ate, thought and breathed, it’s inside her DNA.

Cultivating writing skills, she developped her very own talent to the point to win several singer-songwriter contests.

In 2013 she won Best Singer-Songwriter in the 2013 San Diego Music Awards, and her song “Paper Box” was featured on HBO’s new show “Looking.”

Besides her previous album and her first adult coloring book, the Sleeping Bear was nominated for Best Pop Album in the 2014 San Diego Music Awards.

sleeping bear, gayle skidmore



Gayle Skidmore music is made for those who dwell overthinking, and happens as an emotional escape for those with a lot going on in their lives.

Enjoy this golden experience.





She has opened for the likes of Jason Mraz, Lisa Loeb, Sean and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek, Sam Phillips, Grant-Lee Phillips, Coeur d’Pirate, and many others.

She has recorded with such artists as The Softlightes, Bushwalla, Jason Mraz and Tyrone Wells, and branched out into several genres including electronic swing, indie rock, and classical music. Germany’s most prominent newspaper, the Seuddeutsche Zeitung, named her “Die Schutzpatronin der Gartenzwerge,” the Patron Saint of Garden Dwarves, in an interview promoting her tour of Europe, which Skidmore found delightful.

She has also toured nationwide in the US, and in the UK, Asia and Europe, and was a Sunset Sessions artist in 2012.

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