“If I can make it here

I can make it anywhere

Yeah they’ll love me anywhere” (Empire State of Mind)

French Hip Hop artist, Malone made it in Paris, and is now aiming for the international.

Did he collaborate with American artist Ismael Sankara, to paint a fresher picture of his art

And put a few more colors to his dreams yet to be fulfilled.

The fruit of this collaboration: Dream Big (Remix) directed by Threzor Eilhs.

‘I wrote this song to encourage people to go after their dreams, I want them to realize that we all have what it takes to make our vision come to life’. – Malone

A piece of positive message spread along a soulful production chosen with taste.

Malone’s good instrumental tastes are part of his artistry signature,

Along with his serious tone, inspirational spoken words.

Deep are his verses, full of substances are the topics of his songs

More than songs, some of them could be claimed as anthems.

Lyrics heatedly written to lift your spirit,

Lyrics spoken with a crisp reality mixed with the sweetest dreams,

Lyrics of a hard working man prisoner of Hope;

Bottom line is: keep the faith.

The chill atmosphere Malone brings along his raps and singalongs, opens the door to meditation, contemplation, and reflection, sometimes driving you to overthinking:

And this, is conscious rap.


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