Amalie Bryde Brings Out New “COLOURS” And Suggests Peace Of Mind

Amalie is passionate about combining charming melodies with warm personal lyrics. Recently, she announced the release of a demo song titled “Colours (Demo)”, out May 22, which sets the bar higher in terms of production and performance.

The song has a very personal meaning for the artist: it is all about making the other person in the relationship aware of how beautiful they are when they open up and let their guard down.

They can’t always be sunny, but that’s the beauty. There has to be rain before their colours will reveal themselves.
Amalie’s exquisite song is heartfelt and easy to relate to, exploring such insightful themes in a very light-hearted and spontaneous way. In addition to the song’s intuitive lyrics, the melodies are spot-on, highlighting Amalie’s soaring vocals and varied musical artistry.

She made a stylistic choice of keeping the track as a Demo to keep the intimacy, emphasising the meaning of the song.

Remarkably, Amalie produces her own music, and even creates her videos first-hand!

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