Banana High – Coming To Life

Monkeys see, monkeys do

Sometimes as good, sometimes even better

Allowing progress to follow at faster pace

Picturing future generations in a nicer place

Watching the evolution, and then feeling blessed.

Banana High, « this is an idea, and this idea is coming to life ».

This is about creating, along with music,

And contemplating the evolution of what has been created so far along the generations.

That’s why they make an EP titled Join The Evolution, which showcase their taste for the classic garage Rock, fused Punk spirit, and Ska rhythms, to which you can add a few reggae flavors.

You can feel the Rock influences in the melodic guitar chords, the Punk vibes in the high and wild vocals, an the Ska tempo in the drums dances, and the Reggae feel in the rhythmic guitar.

The guitar riffs and the drums rhythms are the among the keys factors of their surprising creativity.

Their EP, released in May 27th, is a catchy 7 track collection of their whole universe.

From their single Still In Disguise, to their live record Terrified, the band has a thing to life, and how to comprehend it.

It’s all about life growth and cultivating your own garden.




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