Joshua Luke Smith – Words Of Hope For A World In Chaos

Looking at the world like ‘where do we go’ – Alright (Kendrick Lamar)

I’m trynna understand what we’re here for –  Heart Of Mine (Joshua Luke Smith)


Wise words spoken on a wild world Man is living in.

A broken heart is beating for the sake of a broken world.

Joshua Luke Smith’s new song is another call to warn against hatred, judgmental acts,

Such things causing destruction and chaos in our society, on a political level, social level, and individual behavior.

As the 25 year old poet states when he’s evaluating the past year 2016:

“This last year has been mad, unsettling and distressing at times. We feel divided, isolated and at war with our neighbour.

This song is both a lament and moment of reflection.
A call to lay down the stones, gripped in our palms, readied to throw at the first person who speaks against us, our tribe or belief.
We shape the world around us by shaping the world inside of us, everything flows from the heart.
My hope is this song helps to slow us down, to help us step into this year fully here, present, with hearts full and ready to love.” – Joshua Luke Smith
Uplifting words of hope, and conscious music for Freedom, enriched with pure and soothing back harmonics that suggest some kind of salvation/

Joshua Luke Smith will be heading out on his first UK tour in January

The Becoming Human Tour (January 21-27 tickets available at to promote the release of his new record Your Beauty Deluxe Edition (Out 21st January).

See what to expect from his live performances.

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