Top 30 – The Most Popular Artists In 2017


For Sounds So Beautiful is the media that allows you tolisten and discover the best emerging artists 

Finds the beauty and poetry in their music

Gets involved with numerous actors in the music industry,

At the end of the year 2017 and at the dawn of 2018,

Let’s enjoy the Top 30 most popular artists among the most viewed articles.

Count Your Blessings,

Poetically yours.

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1) Chance The Rapper
(Coloring Book – The Best Lyrics)

2) Kendrick Lamar
(Meanings Behind Loyalty)


3) Chilla
(Parcours D’Une Véritable Artiste, Accomplissement Inespéré – Interview)


4) Vaiteani
(Embrasser La Culture Polynésienne)


5) Julie Zenatti
(Le Chant D’Espoir de La Méditerranée – Interview)


6) Lyon Metropole Orchestra
(Transmettre La Passion Pour La Musique D’Harmonie)


7) Stelle Amor
(There’s No Judgment Where There’s Loving)


8) Jessica Curran
(Music As Colorful As Autumn Leaves)


9) Laura Clauzel
(Rendre Hommage A La Féminité)


10) Uptown Lovers
(L’Amour Dans Tous Ses Etats, Ou Comment Arrêter Le Temps)


11) Jay Z
(4:44, His Most Emotional Song After Song Cry)


12) Laura Brehm
(How To Take The Opportunity To Unveil Your True Potential)


13) Alicia Keys 
(HERE, To Witness, Gather And Inspire)


14) Joey Bada$$
(The Best Lyrics From An Album Bigger Than Him)


15) Perrine Missemer
(Honneur au Violon)


16) Marina Kaye
(Sublimée Par Ses Maux – Interview)


17) Emanuel Harrold
(From The African Origins Of Jazz To Contemporary Hip Hop)


18) Arctic Monkeys
(Snap Out Of It Music Video Review)


19) Andrea Lopez
(The Journey For A Songwriting Career)


(The Smoothest Way To Fuse Neo Soul With Hip Hop)


(Hip Hop Is The New Jazz – Playlist)


22) Kathryn Claire
(The Violin, One Of The Most Important Instruments)


23) Ehla
(Les Reflets Contrastés D’Une Artiste – Interview)


24) Barbara Pravi
(Être Femme Dans La Fleur De L’Âge)


25) Karine Zarka
(La Richesse D’Une Double Culture – Interview)


26) Nina Lee
(The Powerful Family Tribute Of A Strong 17 Year Old Singer)


27) The Actual Groove
(Tout Est Parti D’Une Simple Jam Session)


28) SZA
(Ice Moon – Lyrics Review)


29) Omega The Poet
(Reflecting On Ideas Of Love – Interview)


(L’Art De Laisser Briller Sa Vraie Nature)

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