NOOP – New Experience With An Instrumental Fusion Band

Echoes of harmonies keep overwhelming the space

Vivid pictures appear to color empty books of souvenirs

On and on, and on, mind-soothing sensation

Lovely melodies rise and progress in the air, everlasting vibes, nothing short of amazing

Epic moment, good experience.

All smooth and delightful, NOOP offers a fresh experience of contemporary instrumental fusion music, produced by Brittney Grabill and Nipun Nair.

A fusion instrumental band is one you can innovate and freely create with. Every musician stay connected, listening and responding to one another. The magic happens when every instrumentalist, even though from different style and background, gather under one groove.

The main theme, composed and arranged by Los Angeles-based guitarist Nipun Nair, suggests something epic. His guitar licks are making it all ethereal.

Rich and interesting is the piece, blended with subtle hints of rock, following the guitar riffs, and the drummer style along the track.

The writing gives enough space to Gabriel Coll on the bass, who stands out with the mellow harmonies so softly played.

Right next to him, Renny Goh echoes back and responds on the keys. After discovering Leo Goh in another project, it seems more musicians are yet to be discovered in the family. The chords she’s playing refines the whole tuning and communicates some kind of cheerfulness.

Finally, Lemuel Clark on the drums brings out the overall groove.

Inspired by the likes of Snarky Puppy, Dirty loops, Shakti and more, their debut video went viral in about a week on Youtube.

On Facebook, NOOP‘s video, published on December 21st, has already gathered over 100,000 vues!


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