Louise Golbey

London has got so much to give!

It did indeed during a bustling gig at the Floripa London in Shoreditch, for the Jam Tart Session.

These are the kinds of places that underground artists should attend and perform,

Including listeners keen on killing the ice in a half-filled glass of drink,

Having a glance on the stage; and feeling the vibes that the singers want you to feel.

That is the definition of having a Funky Good Time.

Sweet miss Louise Golbey is an emerging artist from London, touring around popular places like Glastonbury,

The Isle Of Wight Festival, and Ronnie Scott’s, prestigious places where legendary musicians such as Jeff Beck have performed.

So, ‘Okay’, this tiny singer with great ‘Potential’ that ‘Weighs a Ton’, has got ‘Lots to Give’;

After all, ‘big things come in small packages.’ Make sure you check out her EP ‘Lot’s To Give’, and may the soulful melody flow in your angry mind and hungry soul

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