Fudge and The Frequency – Some Funk Is Going Down

They funk up your space

Illuminating your face

Yes the singer’s jacket is shining and yes his back vocals are good-looking.

One good recipe to catch up the attention. And the attention was worth it, indeed.Their funk, Transmitting On The Frequency of the whole show, was kind of outstanding,

As far as the scenic writing was concerned. the writing work were not focused only on the lyrics, which send you directly on the cosmic universe of the band, but also on how to occupy the scene.

This was the originality of this band, Fudge And The Frequency, performing at Camden Jazz Cafe, dancing, all Synchronized; perfection was in this precision of their synchronization.

That hard working team really got you in their own Planet Home, mainly with their single Planet Radio.

And, yeah… the singer’s style and voice, and the vibes from the musicians really remind of the first hits of Jamiroquai. Besides, in plus of Prince, Steevie Wonder or Michael Jackson, these are their main inspirations !

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Dora Martin

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