Harleighblu: When Blues Is Jazzing You

Today, you won’t want to listen to Chaka Khan, nor Erykah Badu, but Harleighblu and only Harleighblu.

Her soul and mainly her grove should move you in a good mood.

Best-believe you’re gon’ get sensitive to what she’s sharing in her voice, and you’re gon’ feel the blues she’s blowing overwhelming you.

This will be #EnoughNow to understand a bit more why she calls herself Harleighblu.

Personaly discovered at Jazz Cafe Camden, she’s been actually putting in work for quite a long time now,

With a great singing and songwriting experience since the age of 7 years old already!

Building her reputations through many competitions and being repaired by producers since the age of 12…

She’s worth it, better believe it.

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