Tess Henley – The Independent Soul

Independent woman deserving her 2011 Independent Music Award for Best R&B Song, and more recently, winner of the contest of Guitar Center for Singer-Songwriter.

Tess Henley, a sweet miss you’d be pleased to meet,

Whose dexterity at the piano keys gets you astonished.

Mixing missed old soul and neo soul ; her melody will reach you, Deep inside, as her “organic” music is meant to move you in such a good vibe.…

The girl from Seattle started to learn the piano under the Japanese Suzuki Method,

Which consists in a music education from the childhood, at very young ages;

An education based on the high potential of a child to learn the toughest things quickly and efficiently; for those who don’t know.

This would explain her piano genius, which makes a deeply fabulous combination with her songwriting.

Her voice, is at the same time Strong as an independent woman,

Soulful as an emotive woman, and Sweet as charming woman’s smile.

Is that her beauty, or is that her play of keys that reminds of Alicia Keys ?

Or is it just a new album ‪#‎HighHeelsAndSneakers‬ that makes think of this fashionable singer ?

Anyway, one thing be said : don’t you miss her music and mess up your day,

Cause Tess may obviously be that one that’ll make your day.

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